Bulk Import Drivers To Your TSL

Follow this article to learn how to associate drivers with your TSL number in bulk so you can get real time access to their Digital Logbook

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The connection between Driver and TSL holder can be initiated by either party. This article outlines how to bulk upload drivers to operate under your TSL number. This simplifies the process when you have a large group of drivers you want to add at one time. Some other articles which relate to this relationship include:

Before you can link drivers to your TSL you will need to:

Step One:

Step Two:

Download the sample .CSV file found on the right hand side of your screen. 

Step Three:

Populate the .csv file with your drivers information (email, first and last name). Don't change the format of the file otherwise the upload will fail.

Step Four:

Upload the file and click the blue Load and Validate button

Step Five:

Depending on whether your drivers already have an account with Logmate they will either be asked to accept the request to drive under your TSL or create a new driver account and then accept the request.

Pro tip: In both methods your drivers will appear as pending until they either accept or decline your request to link them to your TSL.

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